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Peter Buysrogge

Peter Buysrogge is a Belgian politician and a member of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). Peter Buysrogge was an alderman and municipal councillor in Sint-Niklaas, a spokesman for Flemish minister Geert Bourgeois, and a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, among other political roles.Read more
He was chosen to serve in the House of Representatives during the 2014 federal elections. He was re-elected to the House in May 2019. He was appointed as Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee after the election. Buysrogge participates actively in parliamentary discussions about the royal family and defence.

Belgian Parliament member Peter Buysrogge has actively addressed several aspects of the crisis in Ukraine. He requested an inquiry into Spain's alleged espionage of Catalan independence leader Carles Puigdemont by the Comité R, Belgium's oversight body on intelligence services. Buysrogge has brought attention to the importance of a thorough examination of the military benefits and implications of drone warfare in response to the Ukrainian conflict, by bringing up the topic of arming Belgium's SkyGuardian drone fleet

Peter Buysrogge stated that his party was interested in learning if Spanish intelligence was active in Belgium with or without the knowledge of the Belgian government and intelligence agencies. He stated that his party was most interested in probing allegations made in Catalan media that Spanish intelligence agents tracked Puigdemont and planted a GPS device under his car.


Peter Buysrogge is born in Ghent, Belgium


Buysrogge graduates with a law degree from Ghent University.


Peter Buysrogge begins his political career, joining the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) party.


Buysrogge is elected as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, representing East Flanders.


Peter Buysrogge is re-elected to the Chamber of Representatives in the federal elections.


Buysrogge continues his tenure as a member of the Chamber of Representatives after the federal elections.


Peter Buysrogge becomes the leader of the N-VA parliamentary group within the Chamber of Representatives.


Buysrogge plays a prominent role in advocating for N-VA's policies on issues such as regional autonomy, immigration, and Flemish interests.


Peter Buysrogge remains active in Belgian politics, participating in debates, legislative processes, and representing his constituency of East Flanders within the Chamber of Representatives.

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Press Releases

The lawyer of Prince Laurent had a press release on June 21, 2018, not taking MP Peter Buysrogge (N-VA) to court. Read more
Prince Laurent wrote to the MP on June 18th, offering him the option to apologise; otherwise, he threatened to sue for slander. The prince was charged by the Flemish nationalist in the media with writing a fraudulent report on his 2017 actions. Prince Laurent has chosen not to pursue legal action against N-VA MP Buysrogge.

A press release announced on April 14, 2022, that Alderman Peter Buysrogge wrote a book about NATO. Peter Buysrogge (N-VA), a Sint-Niklas counsellor, is the author of the book "NATO, Brain Dead or Ready for the Future." He accomplished it with fellow party member Theo Francken and CD&V MP Hendrik Bogaert. The book was officially presented on Tuesday evening in the Foyer of the Stadsschouwburg in Sint-Niklaas.


Peter Buysrogge stated in her speech that the decision to buy SkyGuardian drones was made in 2019 on October 23, 2022, “Defence talks about undeniable advantages for the effective and efficient execution of military operations. They support our proposal and use every argument to make the armament possible.Read more
It is therefore incomprehensible that the majority parties voted down this proposal.” The autonomous aircraft have a limited cost and fly for extended periods and at a high altitude. Former Defense Minister Vandeput (N-VA) decided to arm them at the time. The Defense Staff's technical opinion reiterates that it is what the aircraft are intended for.

The MP said in her speech in January 2023, “This meeting is an opportunity to encourage the Ukrainians and make it clear to them that we stand behind them.” The Chairman of the Defense Committee Buysrogge expressed his satisfaction with the combined meeting of the foreign affairs and defence committees with the Ukrainian parliamentarians. Ukraine has successfully capitalised on its candidacy as a prospective member state by utilising the “Build-Back-Better” principle. It calls for EU assistance in reconstructing post-conflict institutions, society, and physical infrastructure. A resolution to release billions of euros from Kremlin-connected Russian oligarchs that are currently frozen in the nation for Ukrainian reconstruction has been submitted by the N-VA MPs.

N-VA MP and Defense Committee Chairman Peter Buysrogge asked “What exactly will Vivaldi do to protect the ships? Is the Louise-Marie sufficiently equipped for this assignment? The years of underinvestment in Defense could then make themselves felt.” The speech was published on January 19, 2024. It’s about the decision made by the Belgian government to take part in the European operation against the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea, deployed to safeguard commerce frigate Louise-Marie. The parliamentary group N-VA has certain concerns. Peter was referring to George-Louis Bouchez, the chairman of MR, who chastised PS Minister Dedonder right away for misinterpreting the agreement. The N-VA challenges the agreement's proper scope, citing the Belgian government's stricter policy toward Israel and the Red Sea mission.

Who is Peter Buysrogge?

Belgian politician Peter Buysrogge is involved with the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). Buysrogge was born in Sinaai, Belgium on March 15, 1976. Buysrogge attended the Sint-Jozef-Klein-Seminarie in Sint-Niklaas for his elementary and secondary education. He graduated with a master’s in political science from Ghent University in 1998. The politician was appointed Flemish Parliament N-VA party Secretary and later served as Flemish Minister Geert Bourgeois’s spokesman until January 2013. He served as Chairman of the local N-VA chapter in his hometown of Sint-Niklaas until March 2013. The MP is married and a father of three.

Buysrogge was chosen in the municipal elections of 2012 to serve as a Councilor for Sint-Niklaas. The N-VA and Groen and Sp.a. reached an administrative agreement in the city in 2012. Buysrogge has served on the council of mayors and aldermen, led by N-VA mayor Lieven Dehandschieter, since the beginning of 2013. He was granted authority over people, sports, and internal organisation as an alderman. Implementing staff reductions for the city was one of his initial responsibilities under the coalition agreement. Buysrogge continued to serve as an alderman for Sint-Niklaas following the 2018 municipal elections.

Peter Buysrogge actively participated in various discussions and debates on important issues. The areas of interest have included the security, defence, and strategic planning of the Belgian armed forces. Peter Buysrogge has advocated for increased defence expenses and discussed the acquisition of new military equipment. He expressed his displeasure at the rejection of his plan to open Laeken Park to the public, highlighting the scarcity of green areas in the highly populated regions of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Peter Buysrogge biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Peter Buysrogge
Full Name Peter Buysrogge
Date of Birth March 15, 1976
Place of Birth Sinaai, Belgium
Education Ghent University
Occupation Party Secretary Chairman of the Local N-VA Chapter (Sint-Niklaas) Municipal Councilor (Sint-Niklaas) Alderman (Sint-Niklaas) Member of Parliament Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee
Political Party New Flemish Alliance (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, N-VA)
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Party secretary of the Flemish Parliament (Until 2013)
Chairman of the Local N-VA Chapter (Sint-Niklaas) (Until 2013)
Municipal Councilor (Sint-Niklaas) 2013 to present
Alderman (Sint-Niklaas) 2013 to present
Member of Parliament 2014 to present
Chairman of the Parliamentary Defense Committee 2019 to present

What is the Political Party of Peter Buysrogge?

The political party of Peter Buysrogge is the New Flemish Alliance (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, N-VA). Belgium’s Flemish nationalist and conservative political party. The N-VA supports conservative centre-right policies on immigration, socio-economic issues, and government reform and advocates more autonomy for Flanders within Belgium. Buysrogge’s membership in the N-VA links him with the party’s policy and ideology, which prioritises Flemish concerns and promotes conservative values. Buysrogge has held several positions within the N-VA, supporting the party’s policy and advocating for its interests in the legislative branch.

The association with the N-VA highlights Buysrogge’s support for Flemish nationalism and conservative politics in Belgium despite differing accounts of his role within the party and his political career. The political party New Flemish Alliance supports tax cuts that immediately boost the economy and economic liberalism. It advocates more aggressive law enforcement, restricted immigration laws, and stronger measures to integrate immigrants into Flanders. A prominent participant in the European Free Alliance (EFA), the N-VA has been seated alongside the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) parliamentary group in the European Parliament since the election of the 2014 European Parliament.

Has Peter Buysrogge become a Political Party Leader?

No, Peter Buysrogge did not become a political party leader. Buysrogge is well-known as a member of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), a Flemish nationalist and conservative political party in Belgium. The N-VA employs him in several capacities, including as a parliamentarian or in positions inside the party’s internal hierarchy. Buysrogge has not advanced to the party leadership position, although he undoubtedly contributes significantly to setting the party’s agenda and advancing its objectives. The political dynamics are subject to change, and Buysrogge’s role inside the N-VA shifts in the future.

Has Peter Buysrogge held any positions outside of politics?

No, Peter Buysrogge did not hold any positions outside of politics. The main reason for Buysrogge’s reputation in Belgian politics is that he belongs to the conservative and Flemish nationalist New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). Buysrogge has undertaken professional activities outside of politics or held jobs in other industries, even if his political career has the main focus. It is difficult to thoroughly explain Buysrogge’s professional experiences outside of politics without knowing specifics about his non-political career. A more thorough grasp of Buysrogge’s background and professional activity outside of politics requires further information from trustworthy sources.

What is the Official Title of Peter Buysrogge?

The official title of Peter Buysrogge is MP, Member of the Parliament or Member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives. Buysrogge was elected to the Belgian federal parliament to represent the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) and its interests. Buysrogge’s professional path inside the N-VA before taking the position began with grassroots involvement in local politics or party activities. He moved up the party’s ranks over time, assuming positions as a campaign coordinator, party activist, or local party official.

Buysrogge’s political career has included running in regional or municipal elections, where he was a councillor or held other local government roles. His experience inside the N-VA led to his election to the Belgian Chamber of Representatives, where he currently serves as a constituent representative and contributes to national legislative concerns. Buysrogge’s current position as a Member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives highlights his relevance within the N-VA and his commitment to advancing the party’s program on the national stage, even though detailed facts regarding his former titles and career positions are not easily accessible.

Other titles of Peter Buysrogge are listed below.

  • N-VA Party Secretary: Peter Buysrogge became a secretary in the Flemish Parliament until January 2013.
  • Spokesperson of Flemish Minister: Buysrogge became a spokesperson for Flemish Minister Geert Bourgeois until January 2013.
  • Municipal Councillor: Buysrogge has served on the council of mayors led by N-VA mayor Lieven Dehandschieter since the beginning of 2013. He served as the chairman of the Sint-Niklaas local N-VA chapter until March 2013.
  • Alderman: Peter Buysrogge became an Alderman and was granted authority over people, sports, and internal organisations. His initial responsibilities under the coalition deal included personnel reductions. Buysrogge continued to serve as an alderman for Sint-Niklaas following the 2018 municipal elections.
  • Member of the Parliament: Peter Buysrogge received 11,177 preference votes for the East Flanders electoral district during the federal elections held on May 25, 2014. He was elected to the Chamber of Representatives with the main priorities in Parliament being the royal family and defence.

Did Peter Buysrogge work as a secretary to former N-VA leader Geert Bourgeois?

No, Peter Buysrogge did not work as a Secretary to former N-VA leader Geert Bourgeois but was a “Spokesman” until January 2013. Buysrogge was a former party “Secretary” of the Flemish Parliament. Buysrogge is well-known for his participation in Belgian politics as an N-VA member. Buysrogge’s political career has mostly focused on representing the N-VA’s interests as a Belgian Chamber of Representatives member. Peter Buysrogge had many jobs within the party over the years. Geert Bourgeois is a politician from Belgium who formed the New Flemish Alliance in 2001 and has been a member of the European Parliament since 2019.

What are the Important News about Peter Buysrogge?

The important news about Peter Buysrogge is listed below.

    • “The Vivaldi government declines to give the military weaponised drones they demand” is the news involving Peter Buyrogge on October 26, 2022. The conflict in Ukraine demonstrates that using drones in international competition is becoming more prevalent. A majority in the House rejected Peter Buysrogge’s plan to equip the Belgian army’s new drones, against the Defence Staff’s opinion. The decision was made to purchase SkyGuardian drones in 2019. Autonomous aircraft have a limited cost and operate for a very long time and are pretty high. Having the option to arm them at the moment was chosen by former defence minister Vandeput (N-VA). The technical opinion from the Defence Staff reiterates that the aircraft are intended for such purposes.
    • “Irakli Beraia meets with colleagues from Belgium in Brussels” is the news involving Peter Buyrogge on February 22, 2023. A meeting was held in Brussels between Theo Francken, the head of the Belgian parliamentary delegation to NATO PA, and Peter Buysrogge, the defence committee chair. The meeting’s topics of discussion included the state of affairs in Georgia’s occupied areas, the extensive Russian military assault against Ukraine, and the effects of the conflict on regional security. The discussion focused on Georgia’s admission into the EU and NATO. Mr. Beraia stated that the meeting highlighted Belgium-Georgia collaboration and the necessity of Belgium’s support for Georgia’s NATO and EU inclusion.
    • “Opposition parties in Belgium demand ‘clarification’ about F-16s to Ukraine” is the news involving Peter Buyrogge on October 12, 2023. Les Engagés, an opposition party in the Belgian House, viewed the administration’s decision to send two to four F-16s to Ukraine as merely a “publicity stunt,” they requested an explanation from the government. The head of the Chamber’s Defence Committee, Peter Buysrogge (N-VA), expressed his satisfaction with the government’s announcement, even though he believed certain areas required immediate clarification.
  • “Election-related closure of the Westakkers Asylum” is the news about Peter Buyrogge on January 25, 2024. The majority party, N-VA, wants the Westakkers asylum centre in Sint-Niklaas to be closed. The party claims that the cops are under too much strain because of the numerous events on the property. N-VA supports expanding the site’s security services training facility instead of the asylum centre. Alderman Peter Buysrogge and Mayor Lieven Dehandschieter seek to shut down the facility.
  • “Efforts to keep the Sint-Niklaas-Brussels train connection operational but temporarily unsuccessful” is the news about Peter Buysrogge on February 09, 2024. Federal Representative Peter Buysrogge asked parliamentary questions about maintaining the train connection but did not obtain a clear answer. The scheduled termination of the direct train service between Sint-Niklaas and Brussels at the end of the year was postponed. Federal representatives, such as Buysrogge (N-VA), have taken steps.

What are the Political Ideas of Peter Buysrogge?

The political ideas of Peter Buysrogge are in line with the Flemish nationalist and conservative political stances of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA). The N-VA supports conservative views on various subjects and calls for more autonomy for Flanders inside Belgium. The goals are reflected in Buysrogge’s political beliefs, which emphasise conservative values and Flemish concerns. The N-VA’s dedication to worldwide solidarity and support of a strong national defence impacts Buysrogge’s position about the Ukraine War or other comparable international conflicts.

Members of other Belgian political parties, particularly individuals with opposing ideologies such as federalists or progressive parties, are often considered Buysrogge’s rivals in the political sphere. Buysrogge supports measures that prioritise national security, assistance for friends, and steps to combat illicit activity when tackling specific issues, including the Ukraine War or drug smuggling, in line with the N-VA’s policy. Buysrogge had different stands on various concerns, and more details regarding his opinions on certain topics are required for a thorough examination.

Peter Buysrogge prioritised laws that improve public safety, bolster law enforcement, and fight crime and terrorism because the N-VA strongly focuses on law and order. Buysrogge believes in sensible planning and budgetary restraint. It includes pushing for reduced taxes, cutting government spending, and supporting economic growth through market-oriented policies. Buysrogge agrees with Flemish nationalism, the central tenet of the N-VA, which calls for increased autonomy for Flanders inside Belgium. It includes policies aiming at enhancing Flanders’ role in the federal system, encouraging the use of Dutch in government institutions, and safeguarding the Flemish cultural identity.