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Adeline Blancquaert

Adeline Blancquaert is a well-known personality in Flemish politics, particularly as a Vlaams Belang member. Adeline Blancquaert has been vocal in her support of more stringent immigration laws, the preservation of Flemish cultural identity, and economic initiatives that help working Flemings.Read more
Blancquaert's political views are consistent with the conservative and nationalist themes of her party's program. She has been outspoken on housing-related issues, raising worries about the availability of homes in Flanders and the high cost of rent. Her statements in the Flemish Parliament frequently draw attention to how actions made by the government affect common people and stress the necessity of laws that uphold and defend them.

Adeline Blancquaert has engaged in political activity and criticism of the ruling parties' policies, charging them with hypocrisy and neglecting the populace's interests. Adeline Blancquaert has questioned the fairness of some government initiatives, especially ones that deal with the distribution of funds and the legal system's handling of criminals. Blancquaert has pushed for increased responsibility from public institutions and elected politicians, advocating for accountability and transparency in government.

Debates and discussions have been triggered by Blancquaert's political ideas and actions, particularly on matters about immigration, housing, and governance. Adeline Blancquaert has gained praise and criticism from numerous individuals in Flemish politics due to her outspokenness and dedication to her party's ideals. Blancquaert continues to have a major influence on Flemish politics as long as she participates in political discourse.


Adeline Blancquaert was born in Ghent, Belgium


Adeline Blancquaert studied languages at the University of Ghent


Adeline Blancquaert was appointed second place in Gent by Vlaams Belang


Adeline Blancquaert became a councilor for Vlaams Belang in Ghent


Adeline Blancquaert was elected to the Flemish Parliament for Vlaams Belang, representing the East Flanders electoral district


Adeline Blancquaert was delegated by her party to the Senate as state senator

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Vlaams Belang's press release from May 4, 2018, highlights its strategy for the upcoming municipal elections in Gent, focusing on rejuvenation and critical issues such as immigration, suburban attention, and mobility plan adjustments. Read more
The party appointed 22-year-old Adeline Blancquaert to the second spot on its list, signalling a shift towards youth engagement. Party leader Johan Deckmyn criticised N-VA and expressed hope for a revival in Gent. Blancquaert aims to address education and youth concerns, emphasising the party's forward-looking approach with the slogan "Gent, our city, our people, our future."

A press release from Vlaams Belang in Belgium from May 27, 2019, highlighted the influx of new, younger members, including Adeline Blancquaert, who is 22 years old. There was an increase in the party's seats in the Chamber and Flemish Parliament as the party focused on rejuvenation. Tom Van Grieken, the party's leader, stressed the need for young people in parliament. Adeline Blancquaert and others like Dries Van Langenhove and Wouter Vermeersch bring fresh perspectives and energy to the party, signalling a generational shift in Belgian politics.

Adeline Blancquaert participated in an event organised by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on May 27, 2021, focusing on the importance of involving youth in decision-making. Discussions were held on ensuring a better presence of youth representatives in multilateral organisations and setting priorities for the OSCE agenda with youth at the centre of its work during the event. It was emphasised that young people need more inclusive representation and a place at the table in the decision-making processes.

Vlaams Belang announced that Adeline Blancquaert lead the party in the upcoming municipal elections in Aalst in 2024 in a press release published on October 22, 2023. The party is campaigning with the slogan "Aalst safe, free, and Flemish." Adeline Blancquaert is now moving to Erembodegem, originally from Kalken, as she prepares to lead the party's efforts in the elections.


Adeline Blancquaert, a candidate from Vlaams Belang, announced her candidacy for the next election. Adeline Blancquaert said, "When you close the curtain on the voting booth behind you on May 26, you will undoubtedly be confronted with a number of well-known and lesser-known names on the electoral lists.Read more
" Blancquaert is one of 100 candidates in a series that introduces Flemish MEP candidates to voters using objects of their choice. Voters have the opportunity to discover more about the candidates and their agendas in advance of the elections due to such initiatives. Her speech was published on April 22, 2019, on the Vlaams Parlement TV website.

Adeline Blancquaert's speech on the work penalty situation expresses worry about the probable impact of the coronavirus outbreak on work penalties. Adeline stated, "The penal code provides that work sentences must be carried out within 12 months of the conviction. If the probation committee does not extend this period - ex officio or even at the request of the convicted person - then we risk leaving many work sentences unfulfilled with the high waiting lists. Isn't that a bad signal as a community?" Blancquaert wonders if it gives the community a poor impression. She calls on the Flemish and federal justice ministers to introduce legislation that automatically prolongs the deadline for instituting a work penalty by six months or a year. Blancquaert's speech, released on July 27, 2020, reflects her work as a Flemish parliament member for the Vlaams Belang party.

Adeline Blancquaert commented on the challenges the Corona crisis and related measures have presented in carrying out community service orders, stating, "Many community service orders cannot be carried out as a result of the Corona crisis and related measures." Zuhal Demir, the Flemish Minister of Justice, brought attention to the issue in his response to Blancquaert's concern. There were 3,027 community service orders completed in 2020, while 2,918 cases remained open at the end of the year, according to the data. Blancquaert emphasised, "There is a huge amount of catching up to do. It will ensure that any increase in the number of places does not lead to the imposition of community service for serious crimes to which imprisonment should be the only just response." The address, delivered on March 5, 2021, highlights Blancquaert's support for an efficient and just legal system despite the difficulties brought on by the epidemic.

Adeline Blancquaert's speech about interpreting fees in Flemish courts, suggesting that perpetrators pay for their own interpreters, was released on April 30, 2023. Adeline Blancquaert, a Flemish member of parliament (Vlaams Belang), expressed worry about the notable rise in interpreting assignments in Flemish courts, especially in situations involving offender counselling. She emphasised that the offenders, not the taxpayers, must pay the interpreting fees, which have increased threefold in the last two years. Zuhal Demir (N-VA), the Flemish Minister for Justice, provided Blancquaert with these numbers upon request, and they showed a significant increase from 384 assignments in 2020 to 1371 in 2022, with 723 of the assignments involving offender counselling. She emphasised the need for accountability, stating, "The interpreting costs should not fall on the shoulders of the Flemish taxpayer, but should be recovered from the perpetrators themselves."

Who is Adeline Blancquaert?

Adeline Blancquaert is a Belgian-Flemish politician and a member of the Vlaams Belang party. She was born on May 24, 1996, in Ghent, Belgium. Adeline Blancquaert’s occupation is primarily in politics, serving as a member of the Flemish Parliament since 2019. She serves on the committees for Housing and Real Estate Heritage, General Policy, Finance, Budget, and Justice, focusing on Flemish Justice policy in the Flemish Parliament. Blancquaert is a community senator and has served as a municipal councillor for Vlaams Belang in Ghent since 2018.

Blancquaert studied languages at the University of Ghent for her educational background. She became involved with Vlaams Belang Jongeren as a student and the youth wing of the Vlaams Belang party. There is limited information available about her family, siblings, or children. There is no publicly available information regarding her marital status or any spouse. Her political competitors include members of other parties in the Flemish Parliament as a member of Vlaams Belang and the broader Belgian political landscape.

Adeline Blancquaert, at age 23, holds the distinction of being the youngest council member in Gent and the youngest female politician in the Flemish Parliament. She decided to run in the elections after being approached by her party, fully endorsing their program.

The election night was an overwhelming experience for her, filled with joy as her party achieved good results. However, she remained cautious about celebrating too early. Blancquaert expressed great satisfaction with the election results and her party’s and fellow candidates’ strong performance.

Blancquaert is eager to start with high expectations for her new role in the Flemish Parliament. She believes in giving her total commitment to her role in the parliament and feels it is not feasible to combine it with another job. Her social and family life has been supportive so far despite the demands of her new role. Blancquaert acknowledges that voters hold her accountable for keeping her promises and staying true to her party’s principles.

Adeline Blancquaert biography is illustrated in the table below.

Personal Information of Adeline Blancquaert
Full Name Adeline Blancquaert
Birthday May 24, 1996
Birthplace Ghent, Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Occupation Politician
Position State Senator
Political Party Vlaams Belang
Position Term Preceded by Succeeded by
Municipal councilor of Ghent situation since January 3, 2019
State Senator situation since July 4, 2019
Vlaams Belang situation since June 18, 2019

What is the Political Party of Adeline Blancquaert?

The Political Party of Adeline Blancquaert is the Vlaams Belang party. Adeline Blancquaert has been a council member in Gent and a member of the Flemish Parliament representing the East Flanders region since 2019. Blancquaert’s exact start date with Vlaams Belang is private regarding the membership duration. 

Titles within the party include her role as a council member in Gent and her position as a member of the Flemish Parliament. Blancquaert’s competitors within the party are members of other parties in the Flemish Parliament and the broader Belgian political landscape. Alternatives to Blancquaert within Vlaams Belang depend on the specific context, but they are other party members vying for leadership positions or competing for electoral success. Supporters of Blancquaert include members of Vlaams Belang, who appreciate her leadership, ideas, and contributions to the party. Opponents are individuals within or outside the party who disagree with her political views or leadership style.

Blancquaert supports the core principles of Vlaams Belang in terms of ideas within the party, which include Flemish nationalism, anti-immigration policies, and a focus on Flemish interests. Her past tasks in the party include her work as a council member in Gent and her contributions to the party’s agenda in the Flemish Parliament.

Successes in the party include electoral victories, successful implementation of party policies, or adequate representation of party values in public discourse. Failures are related to unsuccessful electoral campaigns, policy initiatives that did not gain traction or internal party conflicts.

Blancquaert became a leader in the sense of being a prominent figure within Vlaams Belang through her election to the Flemish Parliament and her role as a council member in Gent. However, she has yet to be the leader of the entire Vlaams Belang party.

What is the Official Title of Adeline Blancquaert?

The official title of Adeline Blancquaert is that of a member of the Flemish Parliament representing the East Flanders region since 2019. Adeline Blancquaert is a politician, the youngest woman in the Flemish parliament, and a council member in Gent. The councillor member in Gent held various positions throughout her political career.   

Some of Adeline Blancquaert’s official titles are listed below.

  • Member of Ghent City Council (since 3 January 2019): Adeline Blancquaert has worked on projects to raise awareness of sustainable practices, renovate public areas, and improve Ghent citizens’ quality of life in general during her time there. Her accomplishments include working to address urgent challenges affecting the city and supporting programs to foster cultural diversity and enhanced transparency in local government. 
  • Vlaams Belang (since 18 June 2019): Adeline Blancquaert has aggressively promoted the party’s platform and programs, which centre on topics such as immigration, social welfare, and Flemish nationalism, as a member of Vlaams Belang. Her duty within the party has been to push for policies that are in her constituency’s best interests and contribute to the party’s aim of building a stronger, more prosperous Flanders. Blancquaert has helped in the expansion and success of the party throughout her time there, raising its profile and clout in local politics. 
  • State Senator (since 4 July 2019): Adeline has participated in discussions and legislative proceedings during her term that affect people’s day-to-day lives, such as social assistance, healthcare, and education. Her accomplishments include fighting to address her region’s environmental issues, supporting policies to promote access to healthcare, and advocating for improved financing for key services. 
  • Committee for Domestic Governance, Equal Opportunities, and Civic Integration (substitute member since 9 October 2019): Adeline Blancquaert has aimed to support the creation of laws that uphold equal rights for all residents, encourage good government, and make it easier for varied populations to integrate. Blancquaert has participated in talks and debates on these subjects during her term, contributing her knowledge and experience to help create policies that benefit society. 
  • Committee for Foreign Policy, European Affairs, International Cooperation, and Tourism (substitute member as of 9 October 2019): Adeline Blancquaert has experience with matters about Belgium’s foreign policy, relations with other nations, and international collaboration. Her mission has been to support the formulation of policies that advance international cooperation, boost tourism, and advance Belgium’s interests on the world stage. Blancquaert has participated in talks and debates on these subjects to help mould Belgium’s foreign policy agenda.  
  • Committee for General Policy, Finance, Budget, and Justice (permanent member as of 9 October 2019): Adeline Blancquaert has experience in budgeting, money, justice, and governance as a permanent member of the Committee for General Policy, money, and Budget. Her goal has been to support the creation of laws that uphold budgetary restraint, encourage good governance, and improve the administration of justice. Blancquaert has participated in talks and debates to help create policies that benefit society. 
  • Committee for Housing and Immovable Heritage (permanent member since 9 October 2019): Adeline Blancquaert’s goal has been to assist in creating laws that support the development of affordable housing, guarantee the preservation of historic structures, and improve locals’ living standards. Blancquaert has contributed her knowledge and experience to help build policies safeguarding and promoting Belgium’s housing stock and cultural heritage.
  • Committee on Countering Violent Radicalisation (substitute member since 18 December 2019): Adeline Blancquaert has participated in initiatives to stop and oppose violent extremism as a replacement member of the Committee on Countering Violent Radicalization. Her goal has been to support the creation of strategies and policies that tackle the underlying causes of radicalisation and advance societal cohesion. Blancquaert participated in talks and debates on these subjects to help create laws that shield communities from the dangers of violent extremism.
  • Flemish Energy and Climate Plan Committee (substitute member of the situation since 30 March 2022): Adeline Blancquaert aimed to help develop strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, and promoting renewable energy sources. Blancquaert has participated in talks and debates to help mould laws that safeguard the environment and advance a sustainable future for Flanders. 

How did Adeline Blacquaert come to Politics?

Adeline Blancquaert came to politics through her involvement in Vlaams Belang Jongeren (Flemish Interest Youth), the youth wing of the Vlaams Belang party, during her university years. Adeline Blancquaert became interested in politics and activism as a result of the encounter. She later moved into mainstream politics, joining the Ghent City Council in January 2019. Blancquaert’s political career took off when she was chosen to represent the East Flanders region as a State Senator in July 2019. Her growth inside Vlaams Belang and her broader political career has been facilitated by her enthusiastic involvement in several committees and her dedication to the party’s principles.

What was the Background of Adeline Blancquaert before Her Political Career?

The background of Adeline Blancquaert before her political career was her study of English-Spanish at the University of Ghent. Adeline Blancquaert joined the board of directors of the Vlaams Belang Jongeren (Flemish Interest Youth) after getting interested in the Catholic Flemish Student Association while she was a student there. Blancquaert was employed as a clerk. Her early exposure to Flemish political and cultural traditions is inferred from her family’s being Flemish and her participation in the Yser pilgrimage every year. She had a solid foundation for her eventual political career, where engaging with youth issues and good communication are important components of her work due to her involvement in student associations and her background in language studies.

Is Adeline Blancquaert Belong to a Politician Family?

No, Adeline Blancquaert does not come from a family of politicians. Adeline Blancquaert’s early exposure to Flemish political and cultural traditions is inferred from the fact that her family was Flemish and took part in the Yser pilgrimage every year. There is no evidence that she comes from a political family.

What are the Important News about Adeline Blancquaert?

The important news about Adeline Blancquaert are listed below.

  • “Adeline Blancquaert Secures Prominent Position on CD&V Lists in Ghent” is news about the young Vlaams Belang member who has been selected to occupy the second position on the Flemish Parliament list in the 2019 elections. It is a remarkable development for Blancquaert, who first entered politics during the local elections and has since joined the municipal council. The news, which was announced on March 31, 2019, emphasises Vlaams Belang’s expanding sway over Ghent politics.
  • “Adeline Blancquaert (VB): ‘This is filling the city’s coffers at the expense of working Flemings'” is news published on April 27, 2023. Adeline Blancquaert, a Flemish Member of Parliament, questioned the high municipal taxes placed on unfit and unusable housing during a session of the Flemish Parliament. She questioned Matthias Diependaele, the N-VA minister of budget and housing, about these fees, especially when owners exceed their allotted time for renovations. Blancquaert contended that whereas certain situations qualify for punishment, others are exempt due to force majeure. She said that the present fines of up to 24,000 euros are exorbitant and run the risk of forcing building enterprises into bankruptcy, emphasising the need for fair regulations that encourage rather than punish rehabilitation efforts. Blancquaert denounced the practice, saying it “fills the city’s coffers at the expense of working Flemings” and takes advantage of municipal sovereignty to benefit from well-meaning residents.
  • “Adeline Blancquaert (VB): ‘This is a brake on the housing supply,'” published on October 11, 2023, is news about her addressing the Flemish Parliament on housing supply and costs, advocating for young families and criticising price hikes in the housing market. Vlaams Belang Member of Parliament Adeline Blancquaert spoke to the Flemish Parliament about housing supply and costs, advocating for young families. Blancquaert drew attention to the disparity in the terminology used by the ruling parties in the chambers and denounced the price hikes in the housing market, labelling them as disruptive. She voiced her displeasure with government policies during the budget negotiations, highlighting how ordinary individuals were not given enough consideration. Blancquaert focused on how rising lending rates, declining applications, growing wage costs, and rising land prices affect people who purchase real estate. She said that coalition parties are hypocritical since they merely give priority to affordable housing when elections are approaching. Blancquaert reiterated Vlaams Belang’s dedication to standing up for common Flemish residents.
  • “Adeline Blancquaert, Vlaams Belang Candidate for Mayor in Aalst, Moves from Ghent: ‘No Stranger to This Beautiful City.'”Adeline Blancquaert, a 27-year-old N-VA member, has been nominated by Vlaams Belang to run for mayor of Aalst in the 2024 municipal elections. Blancquaert, who is relocating from Ghent to Erembodegem, acknowledged a familiarity and connection with Aalst. Blancquaert’s candidacy indicates Vlaams Belang’s goals for the 2018 elections, even though no specific plans have been made public as of yet. The news was made public on October 22, 2023.
  • “Adeline Blancquaert (VB): ‘We want to form a Flemish, right-wing front together'” is a news article that was published on February 7, 2024, regarding Adeline Blancquaert’s remarks regarding the rising rents in Flanders and her party’s intention to join a Flemish, right-wing front. Flemish Member of Parliament Adeline Blancquaert (Vlaams Belang) expressed worries over rising rents in Flanders at the plenary session of the Flemish Parliament, seeing them as a component of a housing crisis. Blancquaert displayed rent barometer data that revealed an 11.3% rise in rent in just two years, which she called “truly hallucinatory.” The Minister of Housing Matthias Diependaele (N-VA) came under fire from her for what she considered to be inaction, saying that “it is becoming more and more difficult for the Flemish tenant to be able to rent a home.” Blancquaert demanded reform and stated that her party wanted to create a right-wing Flemish front to deal with these problems.

What are the Political Ideas of Adeline Blancquaert?

Adeline Blancquaert’s political ideas align with Vlaams Belang’s program, emphasising stricter immigration restrictions and economic measures to aid working Flemings and preserve traditional family values and Flemish identity. Blancquaert emphasises the value of preserving Flemish identity and culture while arguing for tougher immigration laws. She argues that measures to restrict and reduce immigration are necessary to maintain social cohesiveness and stop the erosion of Flemish cultural norms. Blancquaert emphasises the need for immigrant integration, advocating for laws that support assimilating and upholding Flemish customs and values. 

Adeline Blancquaert supports economic policies that give working Flemings’ concerns top priority. Adeline Blancquaert advocates for policies that help small companies lower taxes and generate employment, especially for the youth. Blancquaert favours fostering wealth and economic growth while ensuring that the advantages are distributed fairly among the Flemish people. 

Adeline Blancquaert is a conservative when it comes to social matters. Adeline Blancquaert favours traditional family values and opposes their alleged deterioration in contemporary culture. She promotes laws that fortify communities and families, stressing the value of solid social relationships in building an orderly and cohesive society. 

Adeline Blancquaert has been vocal about alleviating Flanders’ housing crisis. Adeline Blancquaert has attacked the government’s housing policy strategy, claiming that it hasn’t done enough to meet the demands of common Flemings. Blancquaert has advocated for policies that improve housing accessibility and affordability, especially for small families. Blancquaert’s political beliefs show a dedication to upholding traditional values in the face of social and cultural change, safeguarding Flemish identity, and encouraging economic prosperity.