At the heart of the Sussex saga is a brotherly bond that needs mending

Since their statement dropped, the blame game started, with all of us guessing who or what led the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to take the dramatic decision to step away from royal life.

So it probably wasn't surprising that Harry's relationship with his brother, Prince William, would be part of the speculation and has filled many column inches since the Sussexes released their statement.

But today there is one story the brothers both believe has gone too far; a point of agreement in what we know has been a strained relationship in recent months.

In another development we weren't expecting, William and Harry's spokespeople released a joint statement saying: "Despite clear denials, a false story ran in a UK newspaper today speculating about the relationship between The Duke of Sussex and The Duke of Cambridge.

"For brothers who care so deeply about the issues surrounding mental health, the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful."


It appears they were referring to a story in one newspaper that suggested Harry and Meghan "regarded themselves as having been pushed away by what they saw as a bullying attitude from the Duke of Cambridge" – claims the palace had denied.

Since Harry and Meghan's wedding there had been rumours the brothers weren't getting on.

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The decision by the Sussexes and the Cambridges to split their charitable foundation only added to the speculation. And it was during his tour of Africa in September, that Prince Harry confirmed it.

In an interview, he said he and William were now "on different paths" and have "good days" and "bad days" in their relationship.

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