Queen determined to take back control in crisis talks

Just 24 hours after Prince Harry and Meghan dropped their bombshell statement the Queen was adamant that workable plans would be drawn up within days and not weeks.

And on Saturday that was again made very clear; Her Majesty wants this all sorted out "at pace", summoning her family to see her in Sandringham to sort it out.

It has been an unbelievable week for the house of Windsor, so the idea we're already potentially looking at well-thought-out solutions to how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can step back as senior royals seems ambitious to say the least.

But just four days after Harry and Meghan broke ranks, a family meeting, unprecedented in recent years, is taking place.

As you'd expect, what the Queen wants, the Queen gets, and royal staff and civil servants have been working around the clock to draw up a range of possibilities for the monarch, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry to digest.


Sandringham in Norfolk is a place the family are used to spending happy times together; where they usually all get together for Christmas. But we can only guess how frosty the atmosphere will be as they meet at the house this time.

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It is the first time the four members of the family have met in person since Harry went public with his plans. We don't know exactly what time it'll take place or if anyone else will be in the room with them to run through an agenda of options.

It would make sense that their private secretaries would be on hand. With any projects the private secretary will do the background work before sharing the information with their royal bosses. But the stakes are exceptionally high this time.

Harry and Meghan's decision to separate from the royal family has divided the public as well.

The ideas they've come up with are breaking the mould, setting a precedent for future young royals and laying out the final blueprint for how Harry and Meghan can break away and start their new financially independent life.

Which leads us to the one person we know will be missing in the room. The day after their statement was released, Meghan flew back to Canada to be with son Archie, who the Sussexes left behind after their Christmas break.

We're told she may join the meeting by telephone, this is after all her future they're discussing as well, but being eight hours behind may make the timings difficult.

Her decision to leave the country, even tRead More – Source

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