NIA registers its first case of human trafficking, makes three arrests

NEW DELHI: NIA has registered its first case relating to human trafficking and arrested three accused for running a prostitution racket in Hyderabad with illegally trafficked Bangladeshi women.
The three accused, Mohammad Yousuf Khan, Bithi Begum and Sojib, hailing from West Bengal but currently staying in Hyderabad, have been charged under sections of IPC and Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act, 1986.
Offences under the Section 370 and 370A of Indian Penal Code, relating to trafficking, were added to the NIA schedule as part of a recent amendment to the NIA Act.
According to an NIA release, Yousuf and Bithi Begum were running a prostitution racket with illegally trafficked Bangladeshi women on premises near Kandikal gate, Baji Nagar, Uppuguda, Hyderabad. Based on credible information, Hyderabad city police carried out searches on the premises on AprilOriginal Article

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