EU airline tax could help fight climate change, says German finance minister

HELSINKI — Governments should consider introducing an EU ticket tax on flights and encourage more train travel to help fight climate change, Germanys finance minister said Friday.

Olaf Scholz made the comments ahead of an informal gathering of his EU peers in Helsinki, where they will discuss how finance ministries can best help reduce the blocs output of greenhouse gas emissions.

Targeting air travel could be an effective method, Scholz said, throwing his weight behind a similar initiative that the Netherlands put forward earlier this year.

“Theres a lot of interest in something that we already have in Germany, namely a ticket tax for air traffic,” Scholz said. “Some are doing it, but maybe its something that all European countries can take on board.”

“It would be also helpful to consider how best to develop the use of trains,” he added, suggesting ways to reduce the price on tickets. “That could also be a European trend.”

Climate-change related taxes have proved controversial, especially in France, where a tax on fuel triggered violent anti-government “