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King Abdul Aziz Cultural Center hosts visual art exhibition

Author: spaID: 1561149935165568400Fri, 2019-06-21 23:44

JEDDAH: The Jeddah Society of Culture and Arts launched the “Jeddah: Center of Culture and Arts” festival on Thursday at King Abdul Aziz Cultural Center.
The event is part of Jeddah Season, which began on June 8 and runs until July 18. It has attracted thousands of visitors of all ages through its 150 local and international events and activities.
The festival features a visual-art exhibition under the theme “Sea and Culture,” which included works from pioneering Saudi Arabian artists, photographers, sculptors and calligraphers.
The event was attended by Walid bin Ghazi Bafakih, director general of Jeddah-based Branch of the Ministry of Culture; Under Secretary of Jeddah for Investment and Community Service Mohammed Al-Ghamdi; Mohammed Al-Subaih, the director of the Jeddah Society of Culture and Arts; and members of the public.

The “Jeddah: Center of Culture and Arts” show began with the Royal Salute, after which a traditional Hijaz song — “Majass” — was performed, which was followed by an operetta titled, “Jeddah, a Center of Culture,” produced and performed by the Jeddah Society of Culture and Arts.
Well-known poet Wahj Al-Hatem then recited one of his poems about Jeddah, before the presentation of an artwork titled “Rayat Al-Hazm” — a collaboration between a number of Saudi Arabian artists in honor of their country.


● Jeddah Season is a key part of the citys tourism strategy.

● It includes supporting local entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises interested in investing in retail, restaurants, services and other related sectors.

The live show concluded with another operetta, “The Beauty of the World.”
The show was another step in the collaboration between the Jeddah Society of Culture and Arts and Jeddah municipality.
It supports the local and national artistic and cultural movement and provides a platform for artists and intellectuals to present work highlighting Jeddahs attractions, and its national and international status.

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