Radio Host Rails Against Satanic Sculpture Next To Christmas Tree At Illinois Capitol

Nick Givas | Media And Politics Reporter

Radio host Mike Slater weighed in on a Satanic sculpture being placed at the Illinois state capitol next to a Christmas tree and called it a mockery of God.

“I used to get really outraged by this but right now I feel sad. I feel sad for them. Theyre so deceived,” Slater said Friday on “Fox & Friends.” (RELATED: Dan Bongino Calls Out Democrats For Hating On The Phrase In God We Trust)

“I think this is a sign of how prosperous we are here in America where these people dont think they need God, and they get their kicks out of mocking God. They get their kicks out of mocking this religion and mocking Christmas in general. But Ill tell you, its not going to affect my walk with God. Its not going to affect what happens inside my house. Its not going to affect what I teach my kids and the Bible.”


Slater said its shameful Americans would abuse their freedom of expression to openly mock God when so many others around the world are persecuted and murdered for their faith.

“A friend of mine just got back from a Middle Eastern country, and he had to go to underground churches where they had one Bible and truly, if they got caught, they would be killed,” he declared. “So, the people over there arent worshiping Satan openly, so its a shame that Americans here are abusing the freedoms here when they could be worshiping God.”

Slater blamed the “progressive left” for attacks on religious faith and said theyve already been successful at drumming out prayer in schools and removing the 10 Commandments from public displays.

“The atheist progressive left, they will never stop,” he added. “So it wasnt that long ago when they got rid of prayer in school. We got rid of the 10 Commandments in courtrooms. We got rid of all religious songs from school plays and you cant call it Christmas anymore. It wasnt that long ago, but theyll never stop.”

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