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Brazil conference highlights Islamic tolerance, coexistence

Sun, 2018-11-25 02:36

Participants at the 31st session of the International Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Muslims called for rejecting extremism and terrorism and upholding universal Islamic principles in order to preserve the spirit of Islamic tradition and correct misconceptions.

The conference, organized by the Islamic Dawah Center in Latin America and the Caribbean in cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, under the theme: “Teaching Arabic in Latin American and Caribbean countries.” It was attended by some 400 scholars and religious figures from 50 countries.

The Saudi deputy minister of Islamic affairs, call and guidance delivered a speech by Minister Dr. Sheikh Abdullatif bin Abdul Aziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Sheikh underscoring that the Kingdoms participation in the conference reflects its support for initiatives that serve Arab and Islamic communities and contribute to human coexistence and community building.

Al-Sheikh stressed the Kingdoms resolve to help spread correct Islamic knowledge and combat extremism and terrorism through various forums, including colleges, universities, foundations, centers and intellectual associations at home and abroad.

He also highlighted Riyadhs steadfast political and economic support for Palestine in global forums, both directly and through international organizations.

Al-Sheikh thanked Brazils government for hosting the conference. He praised the country as a role model for tolerance, coexistence and openness to receiving immigrants, including from Arab communities, and granting them the opportunity to prosper.

Ahmed ben Ali Saifi, head of the Islamic Dawah Center in Latin America and the Caribbean, lauded Saudi efforts to serve Islam and Muslims, and support Muslim minorities worldwide.

The conference is an expression of the Kingdoms support for preserving Islamic values and identity worldwide, he said.

Ibrahim Al-Zaban, Palestinian ambassador to Brazil, underscored the conferences importance in helping the Muslim community preserve its cohesion by strengthening and maintaining the use of the Arabic language.

Brazilian government officials said the conference sheds light on Islam as a religion of tolerance, compassion and peace.

Mahmoud Al-Habbash, adviser to the Palestinian president, called for the preservation of Arab and Islamic values and identity, saying the conferences recommendations should be implemented so as to help spread awareness of the importance of the Arabic language.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Bashari, secretary-general of the World Council of Muslim Communities, highlighted Saudi efforts to support Muslim communities worldwide.

He urged countries to stand by Saudi Arabia against regional threats in order to maintain peace and security in the Middle East.

The head of the Sunni religious court in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, Judge Samir Kamal, said understanding the Arabic language “helps Muslims to comprehend religious texts, allowing them to worship God properly.”

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