Toddler in buggy called a n****r by stranger in race hate attack

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A toddler was subjected to a horrendous race hate attack by a total stranger as he sat in his buggy with his mum.

Mum Lisa was pushing 18-month-old Ryan down the street at around midday on June 25 when a woman walked up to her, leaned into her babys pram and screamed n****r.

Lisa – who has chosen not to give her second name – said she was horrified and has spoken out after five of her six mixed race children have now experienced racism.

Toddler in buggy called a n****r by stranger in race hate attack

Eighteen-month-old Ryan in his pram, after he was subjected to the racist attack (Picture: Tim Brannigan)

She told BBC Radio Ulsters Talkback programme the attack was not only a hate crime, but also called it child abuse.

Lisa, from Ballymurphy, west Belfast, described how she had been shopping at Sainsburys on Falls Road with her son before the attack happened.

It has just been shocking. I thought she was a passer-by and she screamed all over the road the n-word, Lisa said.

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I said to her “excuse me?” she continued to walk on and I was expecting a confrontation.



She was about 45-50 and not a care in the world she just walked on, it was horrible.

I put the break on the pram and followed her up the road a bit but returned to the child, I wanted to challenge her.

She added: Its a hate crime. Im in a mixed race marriage. We have six children and five of them have experienced racism at different levels.

Lisa shared her message to urge other victims of hate crimes to speak out and for wider society to challenge it.

What Im afraid of is people become victims and it becomes normal and they become numb to the fact, it isnt acceptable, Lisa said.

Its amoral and its a criminal offence. Its child abuse.

She revealed that the family had previously been forced to leave their home due to racist abuse.

Writer Tim Brannigan drew attention to the attack on Twitter and told the response has been phenomenal.

The large majority are people who have been appalled, he said.

The incident is currently being investigated by the Police Service Northern Ireland and is being treated as a hate crime.

What is wrong with people? I cant comprehend the evilness in some peoples heart. Is your friend ok? Im hoping her little one is ok and young enough not to understand the hate. Must have been terrifying.

— Lexxity?Alex (@Lexxity) June 25, 2018

Police said the attack was carried out by a woman in her late forties/early fifties, who was 5ft7 with auburn shoulder length hair.



She was wearing a long skirt or maxi dress which was blue/purple in colour.

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact the PSNI on 101, quoting the serial number 984 with the date 26/06/2018.



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