Father found guilty of stabbing son to death before watching AFL grand final

A Perth father who stabbed his son to death and left two of his children to bury the body while he watched the AFL grand final has been found guilty of murder.

Ernest Fisher, 67, stood trial in the Supreme Court over the death of his 23-year-old son Matthew Fisher-Turner.

His 28-year-old son, Joshua Fisher-Turner, and 21-year-old daughter, Hannah Fisher-Turner, were both convicted of being accessories to the crime.

Matthew's body was found buried in the backyard of the family's Parmelia home in October 2016.

Matthew Fisher-Turner takes a seflie while standing on a beach wearing a black cap and jumper.

He had been killed four weeks earlier in the bedroom of his brother, Joshua, by his father after a dispute over the family car.

Fisher then drove to a friend's house to watch the Western Bulldogs play the Sydney Swans in the AFL grand final, which he told police was his "priority".

He told Joshua and Hannah to bury the body, and the two siblings also cleaned Joshua's bloodstained bedroom where the stabbing took place.

Matthew's body was found after his friends reported him missing. Initially all three accused lied to police, claiming they believed Matthew had "gone over east" with a woman.

But in separate police interviews, they eventually admitted what happened.

Matthew was a 'threat' to family

Fisher denied the murder charge, claiming he acted in defence of himself and his family, because Matthew was continually threatening them and physically assaulting him.

Joshua and Hannah also pleaded not guilty to the charges against them, with their lawyers submitting the children did not act unlawfully when they tried to cover up the crime, because they believed their father had acted in self defence.

Three courtroom drawings of a young man in glasses, an old man with long white hair and a white beard and a young woman.

The jury deliberated for just a few hours before finding all three guilty.

They had heard evidence of a dysfunctional family that had started to fall apart after the death of Fisher's wife in March 2014.

Ernest, Joshua and Hannah were described as introverts, while Matthew was said to be very different from the rest of his family — a sociable gym junkie, who had no trouble forming friendships and relationships outside their home.

Fisher now faces a possible life jail term for his crime.

The children also face jail sentences, however they have already spent almost two years in custody awaiting trial.

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