20 best takedowns of Kevin Spacey’s response to that sex assault allegation

Kevin Spacey has been criticised for the way he linked his sexuality to his apology about allegations of sexual advances towards a 14-year-old actor.

Spacey issued a statement in which said he could not remember sexually harassing Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp in 1986. The House of Cards star used the same statement to confirm rumours that he is gay, saying the “story had encouraged me to address other things about my life”.

Here’s how people responded online.


Good morning to everyone except Kevin Spacey, who has thrown the gay community spectacularly under the bus to distract from his own badness.

— Fiona Longmuir (@EscapologistFi) October 30, 2017


Anthony Rapp: "Kevin Spacey tried to rape me."

Media: "Kevin how do you respond?"

Spacey: "uuh…uuhh… Hey everyone I'm gay!"

— Travon Free (@Travon) October 30, 2017


Kevin Spacey has just invented something that has never existed before: a bad time to come out.

— billy eichner (@billyeichner) October 30, 2017


Nope to Kevin Spacey's statement. Nope. There's no amount of drunk or closeted that excuses or explains away assaulting a 14-year-old child.

— Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) October 30, 2017


Ashamed to have been accused of bank robbery- I forget if I did that- but this is a good time to let you all know; I am Jewish.

— Moshe Kasher (@moshekasher) October 30, 2017


Well done Kev. You stay silent on your sexuality until the time comes when you can conflate it with an alleged sexual assault on a minor.

— Sue Perkins (@sueperkins) October 30, 2017


In doing so, you simultaneously undervalue the horrific nature of the allegation and set back the LGBT+ community. Well done.

— Sue Perkins (@sueperkins) October 30, 2017


*netflix search*
*search by 'films where cast and or crew have never sexually abused anyone' please*
*no results*

— TechnicallyRaarrrghh (@TechnicallyRon) October 30, 2017


Kevin Spacey's statement.

— Mike The Canstralian (@aussieinTO) October 30, 2017


Oh wow. Kevin Spacey deflecting from attempting to molest a child by coming out as gay is the absolute pits.

— Owen Jones? (@OwenJones84) October 30, 2017

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