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Investigation: UAE Human Rights network of “Mercenaries”

Investigation: UAE Human Rights network of “Mercenaries”

By William M. H. Black, Peter Goodwin contributed to this report.

UAE’s golden and shiny image doesn’t mean that country is doing great in all fields and sectors, particularly the human rights side. Freedom of expression is banned, political parties are taboos, unions never exist, refugees are deported, slavery is on the rise. Despite these harrowing facts, UAE regime is launching massive PR campaigns worldwide, especially in Europe.

Yes, you may find skyscrapers, unique projects and best tourist attractions; but the basic human rights ethics in the country seem to be absent. In the run for a better image, UAE has been working hard to “launder its image” by using immature means. Different persons where employed and a number of bizarre human rights organizations were established back in 2015, 2016 and recently in 2017. Fake organizations and networks were formed with no real work on the ground to make UAE look as the Gaurdian of human rights.

The organizations and individuals are in well planned propaganda campaign using “Human Rights” and “Security and Terrorism” as the main weapon to help UAE achieve its goals. The network of organizations and individuals are in no way interested in the spectrum of human rights or helping people across the Arab world or the Middle East, yet their ultimate goal is to make UAE look human rights friendly country. Add to this, this network or of I may say the “Mob of Image Laundering” is adamant to operate for political purposes and help UAE achieve its foreign policy and regional agenda objectives.

A source of mine in Europe, off course, I can’t name it, revealed very “classified” information by the German and Swiss Security agencies revealed how UAE is channeling large funds for it battle against Qatar, mostly by illegal means.  The funds are dedicated to fight Qatar and distort its image and link it to terrorism.

It’s ridiculous joke indeed to be lectured frim tyrant regimes about human rights and its values. How would the average French or Dutch citizens will be lectured on human rights by UAE, a country that never supported human rights.

Human Rights, UAE Trojan Horse

As the Qatar-GCC crisis escalated in June 2016, UAE’s intelligence deployed its senior members across Europe with a mission of damaging Qatar’s image and target its regime. United Nation Human Rights Council was the best place for the network to start disseminating their agenda. A number of meetings were held back in June and September 2017. According, to Independent United Nations Watch UAE intelligence led by senior security Emirates individual called, Dr. Ahmad Thani Al Hamli, held dozens of meetings which claimed to discuss the human rights through his organization known as “Arab Federation For Human Rights”. A report by IUNW has also suggested that AFHR is fake and has collation of organizations that don’t exist.

The reports of Independent United Nations Watch concluded, “Our researchers concluded that a key local Emirate organization called, “Arab Federation for Human Rights (AFHR)” has been bribing NGOs and individuals to distort the image of Qatar and other countries at the UN. Seemingly, ARABFHR’s main objective was to undermine the credibility of any NGOs that criticize the Human Rights conditions in UAE. For example, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty were exposed to smearing campaign for the past few weeks. The practice of this NGO can also be described as money laundry and corruption promotion. According, to our interviews with experts, speakers and NGO’s representatives, ARABFHR has paid in cash a number of UN NGOs with consultative ECOSOC status so they can give it an access to hold side events and deliver oral statements onboard of the council.”

The IUNW added also, ““The practice of this Local UAE NGO is notorious and dishonorable. We can easily detect governmentally orchestrated agenda that aims at attacking Qatar and some other particular countries. It is very sad to see NGOs like ARABFHR hijacking the noble goals of the UN NGO participation by promoting anti-human rights agenda. The UN has been promoting the participation of NGOs throughout its meetings for decades. We will report this NGO to the local authorities in Switzerland and also those NGOs with ECOSOC status who supported its agenda” Said the IUNW report.


Security and Terrorism, the Scaremongering Discourse

UAE’s network includes other new organizations aged 5 months or less they are mostly run by recruited agents living in Europe who report to a number of UAE embassies across Europe. They are also connected to Al Hamli who is acting as a “Roving Security Intelligence”.

The so called human rights defenders are busy organizing workshops, conferences and seminars let alone pickets and protests against what they described as the “Terrorism of Qatar” Their events are often featured on Sky News Arabic as well as Al Arabiya and Al Ghad Al Arabya plus the Saudi TV channels.

The agents are many including Arabs living in Europe, “Dual Nationals” or Arabs living across Europe.  Names include Abdulrahman Nofal Shoshari, Sarhan Al Tahir Al Saidi, Hafez Abu Sida, Iman al Sabagh, Hadi Al Yami,Wisam Basnoda and Eisa Al Arabi, Abdulaziz Al Khamis and dozen others. Those names are becoming the tool of UAE intelligence gathering individuals across Europe in addition to working to improve the image of UAE and attack its foes.

Key Names operating as intelligence agents               

Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli

Dr. Ahmed Al Hamli, a member of UAE security service who also run TRENDS Research & Advisory. TRENDS organization has been working with key pro-Israeli figures and organizations such as Ambassador Alberto Fernandez who is a key decision maker at the Middle East Media Research Institute – MEMRI. MEMRI is an Islamophobic organization run by the Israeli Mossad. It has long history of targeting Arab and Muslim countries such as UAE’s friend, KSA. Al Hamli’s top agenda in Europe is to link Qatar with Muslim brotherhood and accuse Qatar of funding and promoting terrorism.

Abdulrahman Nofal Shoshari

Abdulrahman Nofal Shoshari is new low profile (never-heard of) Palestinian living in Austria, Vienna, is the most recent addition to the fake UAE human rights network.  Al Shoshari has criminal record registered in Germany and Austria for drink driving and assaults charges. He was also banned from taking certain jobs in Vienna for his irritating behavior.  Ironically, for UAE, Shoshari -apparently recruited – become an international human rights defender speaking for noble causes at the UN and other renowned conferences.  Shoshari has established new fake organisation called “Arab Organization For Human Rights in the UK and Europe” the organization is a stolen name another London based organization called “Arab Organization For Human Rights in the UK”

The audacity of Shoshari took him far away from the human rights agenda where he started to issue press releases to praise UAE and attack Qatar.

Shoshari has been collecting information about Arab communities’ activities in Europe. His practice could be described as espionage and he may face imprisonment in case legal action is carried out.

Sarhan al-Tahir Saadi 

Mr. Sarhan al-Tahir Saadi is the direct assistant for Al Hamli in Geneva and he is also a senior at the intelligence network of the Arab Federation for Human Rights’ General Coordinator is also complicit in these violations. Al Saadi is also low-profile person who is known of having connections with Libyan military groups and also helped organize pro Gaddafi protests in Europe in return for money from Sayef El Slam. Mr. Sarhan is the person in charge of logistics and facilitating AFHR side events under the direction of the Emirati national, al hamli, he paid in cash for some NGOs with ECOSOC status. He also paid in cash for some speakers and of organization’s directors. Mr. Sarhan has facilitated organising a protest against Qatar in Geneva. With the help of some Arab residents in Geneva, he mobilized African asylum seekers to participate in the protest.

Sarhan could be arrested in the upcoming few months as some legal firms preparing legal case against him and Al Hamli network.

Hafez Abu Sida

Hafez Abu Sida has been very active over the past few weeks, busy disseminating the UAE agenda and attacking Qatar for their alleged terrorism. Abu Sida seems to have deviated from the noble goal of human rights he should be defending. Abu Sida  has proved at many occasions to be “a mercenary” for those who pay more. He flipped his stanced on many occasions and received money from US and Gulf based organizations. He works as the Secretary-General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights attempted to cover up Egypt’s military human rights violations”. He criticized Human Rights Watch’s report as well as this of Amnesty about the 2013/2014 Cairo killings and argued that these reports were exaggerated.

In 2014, the International Federation For Human Rights (IFHR) terminated the membership of EOHR and sacked Abu Sida for their support of Egypt’s human rights violations. IFHR requested that Abu Sida to be removed from EOHR so it can re-accredit. IUNW stated that internal Intelligence US reports confirmed that Abu Sida has received large funds from UAE between August 2015 to July 2017. The UAE’s funding is in return of Abu Sida’s support for the country’s foreign and regional policies.



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