Campaign to get people smiling on the tube has not gone down well

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Ever had a stranger come up in public and tell you to cheer up?

Wasnt that extremely patronising and annoying?

Now a man wants to do this on a city-wide level, with a #SmilesOnTheLine campaign to get people grinning on the tube.

Please. No, you may think. We need our havens of misery where theres no obligation to pretend were happy to see each other.

But Glen Freeman, a previous angry commuter, has seen the light, and now wants to shine it on the rest of us still scowling our way along the Piccadilly line.

Inspirational tube speaker - Glen Freeman Smiles on the Tube for Joe Roberts

So! Happy! (Picture: Alexander Crawley)

He has been taking a sign out on the underground network, trying to get a grin out of people he meets.

The designated day to try out that lift corners of mouth muscle movement will be September 25.

Glen, somewhat optimistically perhaps (although youd expect that, wouldnt you), says it will fill Londoners with happiness through encouraging more smiles shared between strangers on their daily commute.



Commuters will be happy, connected and appreciative of our city and people across London will experience a very different working day.

Give the world a frown and you can be pretty sure what you will get back, Glen reasons. Set out every morning with a smile on your face and you will see whats available to you.

Well, sure, maybe there could possibly be something to this.

But on Twitter, at least, people arent having any of it.

Got the tube today , didnt smile at anyone , didnt talk to anyone , nobody cared. So bollocks to this Smiles on the lines nonsense #GoAway #SmilesontheLines

— tom (@tomgor) September 3, 2018

The reason #smilesonthelines – a plan to get commuters to smile on public transport – is so annoying is because there are very few places where we feel allowed to not be bright and breezy – to just feel exactly how we feel and have that be enough – to not put on a mask

— Felicity Morse (@FelicityMorse) September 3, 2018

It seems that Londoners are committed to communal disdain for their fellow passengers.

Dammit, we will not acknowledge one another even if pressed up against each others back sweat. (Especially not then.)



Some people are into it, though.

I for one SUPPORT the campaign to get male Londoners to smile on the Tube, because women like to see positive men. Cheer up love, it might never happen! #smilesonthelines

— manwhohasitall (@manwhohasitall) September 3, 2018

Bank Holiday Weekend is over… but happy days are here to stay and smiles are the way to spread the joy. Don't smile on the inside… share it with your fellow passenger! You'll make their day… or who knows, even heal their sorrows. A smile can do so much. #smiles #london

— Smiles On The Lines (@smilesontheline) August 28, 2018

Well done spreading some happiness on the tube. You had a tough audience in my carriage so I was happy to help. Suggest you start the pitch by telling them youre not selling anything!

— Dan White (@danwhite_aws) August 23, 2018

I absolutely love you #smilesonthelines campaign & so hope you get backing from Transport for London… Im always saying people on public transport change… its survival of the fittest… but wouldnt it be great if we could just smile at each other and create happiness ?❤

— ComedyTiming ? (@ComedyTiming) August 15, 2018

I want to know where youre going and where youre coming from. I want to see a smile, Glen said.

He has already been taking his signs out on the tube to try and connect with fellow commuters, to try and get traction for his campaign before the happy day itself on September 25.


So if you see him… smile on the line?

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