TV kings Man United top Premier League earnings despite finishing second

Manchester United have been confirmed as the highest Premier League earners last season despite finishing 19 points behind runaway champions Manchester City.

The leagues runners-up received £149.77m in central payments from the Premier League last season, slightly more than Citys £149.44m, due to being selected for more live TV games than any other club.

Premier League central payments are made up of merit-based prize money as well as a share of the leagues TV and commercial income.

Every team is paid an equal share of overseas TV income and central commercial deals, but the clubs are paid differing amounts based on where they finished in the league and how many times they were broadcast live on TV.

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As United were selected for 28 live games in contrast to Citys 26, they received just over £2m more in TV “facility fees” — £32.65m to £30.39m. City earned £38.63m for finishing as champions while Uniteds second-place finish was worth £36.69m.

Uniteds financial strength was also underlined yesterday by an 8.1 per cent rise in third quarter revenues to £137.5m.

Club Live TV games Equal share Facility fees Merit payment International TV Central commercial Total payment
Man City 26 £34.81m £30.39m £38.63m £40.77m £4.84m £149.44m
Man United 28 £34.81m £32.65m £36.69m £40.77m £4.84m £149.77m
Tottenham 25 £34.81m £29.26m £34.76m £40.77m £4.84m £144.45m
Liverpool 28 £34.81m £32.65m £32.83m £40.77m £4.84m £145.90m
Chelsea 26 £34.81m £30.39m £30.90m £40.77m £4.84m £141.71m
Arsenal 28 £34.81m £32.65m £28.97m £40.77m £4.84m £142.04m
Burnley 10 £34.81m £12.31m £27.04m £40.77m £4.84m £119.77m
Everton 19 £34.81m £22.48m £25.11m £40.77m £4.84m £128.01m
Leicester 12 £34.81m £14.57m £23.18m £40.77m £4.84m £118.17m
Newcastle 18 £34.81m £21.25m £21.24m £40.77m £4.84m £123.02m
Palace 12 £34.81m £14.57m £19.31m £40.77m £4.84m £114.31m
Bournemouth 11 £34.81m £13.44m £17.38m £40.77m £4.84m £111.25m
West Ham 17 £34.81m £20.22m £15.45m £40.77m £4.84m £116.09m
Watford 10 £34.81m £12.31m £13.52m £40.77m £4.84m £106.25m
Brighton 13 £34.81m £15.70m £11.59m £40.77m £4.84m £107.71m
Huddersfield 10 £34.81m £12.31m £9.66m £40.77m £4.84m £102.39m
Southampton 16 £34.81m £19.09m £7.73m £40.77m £4.84m £107.24m
Swansea 10 £34.81m £12.31m £5.79m £40.77m £4.84m £98.53m
Stoke 12 £34.81m £14.57m £3.86m £40.77m £4.84m £98.86m
West Brom 10 £34.81m £12.31 £1.93m £40.77m £4.84m £94.67m

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