LeBron James And The Cavaliers Are As Dead As Disco After Another Loss

The joyous journey of watching the Cleveland Cavaliers lose continued Tuesday night against the Celtics in game two.

LeBron James might be the best athlete on the planet, and maybe even the greatest athlete to ever live in the history of this world. It still wasnt enough for Cleveland to beat the Boston Celtics missing their two best players.

It doesnt get much more entertaining than watching James and the Cavs just get dominated. Its incredible how bad this Cleveland team is outside of their superstar and future-hall-of-fame player. They cant beat a badly depleted Boston team — and they have the best player in the world! Would they even be capable of making the playoffs if LeBron wasnt on the team? After watching their last two games, I highly doubt it. (SLIDESHOW: BALLER BABES: THESE GORGEOUS WOMEN LOVE BASKETBALL)

Again, I dont have anything specific against LeBron James. I respect everything about the man, but its just fun watching everybody freak out when he loses.

I sure hope Cavs fans arent expecting another title this year because thats just not going to happen. No chance in hell. Cleveland might not even win a game in this series, and LeBron James probably wont be coming back. You can bet the house that heads will really start exploding when he decides to bounce for the second time.

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