Everything you thought you knew about Creme Eggs is wrong

Well, maybe not everything. Just the important bit, after someone had a question for Creme Egg maker Cadbury on Twitter.

This is how they replied.

And some people just couldn’t cope. You could almost say it was a meltdown.


Creme eggs…

Pronounced Crem?

Fuck off Cadbury’s & don’t be so stupid. #cremeegg

— Pearly (@londonlass666) February 20, 2018


What is happening here? The walls are falling in! Crem Egg? This can’t be true

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) February 20, 2018


THIS IS EGREGIOUS, what the hell are you playing at Cadbury you evil monsters

— nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ (@HooiWanV) February 20, 2018


I pronounce it as Cadbury’s third rate chocolate filled with shitty wet sugar Egg, actually.

— Mitten d'Amour (@MittenDAmour) February 20, 2018


If its supposed to be pronounced 'Crem', why did you market the Halloween "Screme Egg" to rhyme with 'scream'? SCREM EGG?!

— Cass Lowe (@CassLowe) February 20, 2018

Except then this happened.

Cadbury sparks outrage by telling us we've been pronouncing creme egg wrong our whole lives… then deletes the tweet ?

— Harriet Pavey (@harrietpavey) February 20, 2018

And then this.

Looks like we missed out the ‘a’ there! Most definitely pronounced as ‘Cream’ egg! ?

— Cadbury UK (@CadburyUK) February 20, 2018

Don’t panic everyone… all is right with the world again ?#CremeAsInCream

— Dan Walker (@mrdanwalker) February 20, 2018

Eggscellent spot from @mrdanwalker our brains were a little fried from all the Creme Egg Camp eggscitement! Don't worry everyone, Creme Egg is pronounced as 'Cream' Egg

— Cadbury UK (@CadburyUK) February 20, 2018

Let the post mortem begin.

Genuinely think this is accidental but social media managers should note the pure reach of Cadbury mispronouncing it's own product

— Robyn Vinter (@RobynVinter) February 20, 2018

This Cadbury bollix is the gif/jif thing all over again. It’s a Cadbury’s Creeem Egg, always was and ever shall be, whoever handled their soc med today needs a glove slap.

— Halo (@EatMyHalo) February 20, 2018

At least there’s one thing we can all agree on.

Cadbury eggs make terrible butt plugs.

??MikeP?? (@patnspankme) February 14, 2018

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