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Saudi Border Guards evacuate German passenger from Italian ship

Author: Mohammed Al-SulamiThu, 2018-01-25 00:46ID: 1516880801339078900

JEDDAH: Rescue teams from the Border Guards in Madinah evacuated a German passenger suffering from internal bleeding from an Italian cruise ship and took her to a hospital.
The official spokesman for the Border Guards, Col. Saher Al-Harbi, said that within the framework of the implementation of the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue 1979, and in continuation of the humanitarian role of the Border Guards in search and rescue operations, marine patrols, led by the Border Guards in Madinah, yesterday evacuated a German passenger from an Italian ship coming from Colombia, in the waters of the Red Sea near Yanbu. The lady was suffering from internal bleeding, was unable to walk and was short of breath.
The spokesman stated that the coordination center in Jeddah received notification that there was an emergency case of a sick 66-year-old German passenger on board the Italian Aidacara. The vessel was located 74 nautical miles northwest of Yanbu. A Border Guard team in the Madinah area and a medical crew were assigned to go to the scene and evaluate the situation.
The spokesman added that “the patient, accompanied by her husband, was evacuated to the port of Yanbu, and she was transferred to a hospital by ambulance for treatment. Her condition is now stable.”

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